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Ann-Marie Lavelle and Sara Monserat Teixido of the Mind Body Spirit Healing Room Delaware

Why we do what we do...

We are students of life who have found that giving full attention to mind, body, and spirit can help and enhance navigating the sometimes messy and bumpy road of life. We hope to share our journey and discoveries with others, offering community and guidance where it can be helpful on your spiritual journey inward. We truly believe that there is a way to live beautifully in any situation that life throws your way. We hope to build a loving and open community of those who want to expand their lives consciously and powerfully to include a deeper level of joy, peace, and happiness cultivated from within through approaches to mindfulness, connecting to spirit, and through healing modalities.

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Spark Light

Ann-Marie Lavelle

Ann-Marie Lavelle is a Certified Level III Reiki Practitioner, Level I Healing Touch Energy Medicine Practitioner, Meditation Guide, Oracle Card Reader, and Jewelry-Maker who inspires, creates, and guides with love and passion at the heart of everything she endeavors. Ann-Marie started making jewelry in 2011 and has grown her online and local business making custom orders for her clients around the globe. Her interest in energy healing inspired her to move forward with formal training so that she may pass her natural healing light on to others.

A natural intuitive and empath, her jewelry connects deeply with and motivates those who wear her custom creations. She has a natural and effortless ability to connect with her clients’ needs through her attention to detail and caring spirit. Her new line ‘Forever Collection’ jewelry gives the wearer comfort and peaceful closure in remembrance for those who have transitioned in our lives. Ann-Marie is a force of nature, a real-life Wonder Woman who leads with intuition and fire. Ann-Marie carries the fire in her hands like the Goddess Brigid, keeping the fire within lit brightly.

“You can do anything, but not everything“ – David Allen

Sara Monserrat Teixido

Sara Monserrat Teixido is a Reiki Level III Certified Practitioner, Level I Certified Healing Touch Energy Medicine Practitioner, Oracle Card Reader, Mindfulness Meditation Guide, Silversmith, Jeweler and Amulet maker. Sara also integrates crystal grid healing into her customized private client sessions. Sara has been making her custom jewelry and amulet creations for nearly 30 years. These custom amulet creations bring powerful protection, balance, and a sense of well-being to those who wear her custom-made pieces. Living as a Goddess of the heart, Sara hopes to be a spark light of inspiration to others to tap into their full potential. Her wish is to activate the hearts of those she touches through her work, and radiate back to them their own shining light.

As a Reiki III certified practitioner, Sara is now incorporating this powerful healing modality into her amulet work, readings, and crystal grid meditations. The use of Reiki offers a deeper resonance to her work in harmony with the elements and universal energy. Sara connects to spirit through Goddess, Angels, Reiki, intuition, the elements, and her guides. Powerfully connecting with the energies of the crystals, Sara is using Crystal Grid work for healing self, others, and putting powerful healing intentions out into the world. Sara is accepting new clients for readings, mindfulness inspiration, group meditations, and custom amulet creations. Sara is also a Mindfulness Meditation Guide and is sharing the benefits of Mindfulness with students of all ages in public group and private class settings.

Recent Clients:

• New Castle County Absalom Jones Senior Center, Wilmington, De: 16 Week Meditation and Mindfulness 55+ Class

• Our Lady of Lourdes, NJ: Mindfulness and Meditation workshop with graduating RN Class

• Pure Yoga Pilates Studio: Private Readings 10th Anniversary Party

“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” ― Maya Angelou