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Mind Body Spirit Healing Room

Mind Body Spirit Healing Room

Mind Body Spirit Healing Room

Mind Body Spirit Healing RoomMind Body Spirit Healing Room

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Community helps ALL of us GROW

Join us for Guided Meditations. This is your time to develop beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and even increased focus. Become a part of the community and strengthen the connection to yourself, the group and Mother Earth.  


Reiki Sessions

The MBSHR offers Reiki Healing treatments that help balance your Chakras and promotes relaxation. If you are not feeling 100% emotionally or physically, please consider using Reiki as a tool. The Reiki practitioner will connect with your energy and help guide it back to a balanced state.  This spiritual practice may aid you in connecting with your self-healing ability. These sessions allow you to relax, heal and feel restored. If you would like learn reiki, sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/593939211183588/ 


Intuitive Card Readings

Looking for guidance? Book a session and we will explore the world of Oracle and Tarot cards.  While using intuitive abilities and the tangible cards, you will leave with the answers Spirit wants you to know.  Appointments are available at the Healing Room or over the phone.