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Ann-Marie Lavelle


Ann-Marie Lavelle is a Reiki Master, Level I Healing Touch Energy Medicine Practitioner, Meditation Guide, Oracle Card Reader, and Jewelry-Maker who inspires, creates, and guides with love and passion at the heart of everything she endeavors. Ann-Marie started making jewelry in 2011 and has grown her online and local business making custom orders for her clients around the globe. Her interest in energy healing inspired her to move forward with formal training so that she may pass her natural healing light on to others.

A natural intuitive and empath, her jewelry connects deeply with and motivates those who wear her custom creations. She has a natural and effortless ability to connect with her clients' needs through her attention to detail and caring spirit. Her new line ‘Forever Collection’ jewelry gives the wearer comfort and peaceful closure in remembrance for those who have transitioned in our lives. Ann-Marie is a force of nature, a real-life Wonder Woman who leads with intuition and fire. Ann-Marie carries the fire in her hands like the Goddess Brigid, keeping the fire within lit brightly.

 “You can do anything, but not everything“ - David Allen